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step one / Lets be Friends!

Wedding photography is as unique as each individual bride. We get that, which is why our first step is always becoming friends with the bride. Here at Tammy McGuire Photography, we want to serve a specific kind of bride. Our ideal bride is one who understands that if she wants genuine, joyful photographs of herself and the groom, she needs much more than just a pretty picture! This bride NEEDS an incredible experience throughout the entire process, which is what we strive to provide! Take a moment to drop an introduction and we’ll set up a coffee date (or video chat if you’re not local).

step two / Save the Date!

Our next step is to ensure that your wedding date is set in stone. We want to make your dream a reality, which is why we make sure early on that your wedding date is safe and secure. During this step of our process, you will be sent an online custom booking proposal where you can review your package and pay your retainer. This step ensures everything is official and we can get started. How exciting!

 step three / Engagement Session!

Once your date has been saved, we will schedule your special engagement session. Don't stress about anything; we will teach you everything! After twenty minutes of shooting, you'll feel like a true professional. Before your engagement session, we will help you prepare with our custom information "Style Guide". This will guide you through every step along the way, as well as provide you with plenty of helpful tips, tricks, and information designed to help you have the perfect engagement session!

 step four / Timelines!

About eight weeks before your big day, we will start making sure we are completely prepared and ready for your special wedding day! We will create custom timelines for all our couples to ensure you can't miss out on your chance of a dream wedding and pictures to go along with it. We work out each couple's plans to ensure they get all the pictures they dream of. You know all those fun friend shots, dreamy portraits, and detail images. If you would like any of those, we use this time to plan those out.

step five / Your Wedding Day!

Your wedding day has arrived! All that is left for you to do is relax and let us do all the work. We firmly believe in telling the full story of the wedding with photographs. Due to that, we rarely shoot less than eight hours. Trust us when we say that those eight hours will fly by. To you, your wedding day will be a blur. We make it a priority to capture all the traditional wedding moments, along with all the moments in between. Our goal is to capture your wedding in a fun, creative and unique way.



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